Starting a business online is more or less the norm now-a-days. So, when it comes to competition there should be no surprise even amongst those in the writing business. As such, it becomes more important with each passing day to attract potential clients to your website. As a result, making sure that you drive constant traffic to your website becomes increasingly necessary in order to grow. You need to get all the positive advantages you can headed in your direction.

There are plenty of opportunities which can help you take your writing business to the next level; but, with a catch. A number of them involve spending money that you may or may not have to spend at this moment; at least not a lot. So, we are going to take a look at some of the least expensive or free options you have to help grow your writing business.

In order to get this show on the road you’re going to need a website. Not just any old website, but one which shines with professionalism, yet attracts potential clients at the same time. There are many services that offer free of charge blog-style websites such as or With these sites not only can you create separate pages for different content, but they also offer templates you can choose from as well. This leaves only the content for your pages to worry about as there is no need for HTML or other programming knowledge.

Provide a short introduction about yourself as a writer. This step is crucial to the desired outcome of building your writing business. This can be as long or short as you feel comfortable with, but it is the primary detail you want to focus your website on. You could have a page with some writing samples in the form of a collection of blogs or articles you have written or case studies, etc. These could include reviews you have received on your written work, links to any external websites where your published works appear and any other information you see fit to add. You may even want to consider including a copyright notice on your works or samples to avoid misuse of your writing.

Once your website is up and running with all the information you consider important, you can begin attaching a link to your email signatures, providing it on your business cards and sharing it at every possible opportunity. Keep the information on your website/blog current and related to your writing as much as possible. You want potential clients to see the business side of you, and this is the place they will go to see that.

Your next step will be to begin promoting your services. As stated earlier, you can add your web page or blog link to your outgoing email messages. Still, there are more ways you can promote your skills such as using social networking sites as one of the ideal location for spreading the word about your writing services. Sites like Twitter or Facebook are prime locations for networking – not only with fellow writers, but potential clients as well.

If you find yourself in a dry spell and needing to find extra writing jobs, you can always turn to the online community. For example, try guest blogging for someone. By offering to post as a guest on another’s blog, you could possibly draw more attention to your business. This attraction could result in new clients. Another way would be to take a look at some of the job boards such as or There are almost always jobs available for writers on various forum boards. In a pinch, this will help with your financial situation until your own client base builds back up again.

Thank you for reading this post, if it has helped you in any way, you learned something new, or have something to add, leave a comment and I’ll respond within 24 hours.